Langhe Monferrato Roero PIEDMONT - ITALY

A great territory carries within itself ancient roots and a soul full of life, which is why it becomes unique and infinitely exclusive.
The real privilege lies in perceiving and recognizing the precious diamonds which are hidden in every gesture, in every experience and in every tradition that the Langhe, Monferrato Roero keep well preserved.
To live them is a luxury.

Discover precious FLAVOURS

The cuisine of a territory is the expression of its unique history, the recipes which have been handed down over time become an asset of universal value, a treasure which belongs to anyone who knows how to make good use of it.
The choice of raw materials and their potential combinations make the dishes truly unique and inimitable.
The exceptional gastronomic offer of Langhe Monferrato Roero embodies a part of the journey – a taste trip - in which imagination, passion and the ability to let oneself be carried away by the flavours and aromas of this territory are essential.

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Discover precious TASTE

This is an area that has always been committed to the vine cultivation: to produce wine in this place means first of all to love and respect the land: by taking care of the soil where the vine grows, spending time observing the bunches as they ripe, until you get to the exciting moment of the autumn harvest. Then, the cellar is the place where the wine is born with its unique and peculiar nuances, tastes and scents. To taste a superb typical wine such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera means to live a real experience: from every type of vine, from every cru, a bottle is born and it hides stories about the authenticity of the territory, deeply rooted in its own origins.


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Discover precious TREASURES

It is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, walking among beeches, oaks or hazel groves, listening only to the sounds of nature, that you can find the finest truffles. Truffle hunting takes a lot of patience and intuition, but above all a faithful companion: the dog. It is only with his complicity that we find this "underground mushroom", one of the most mysterious and valuable fruits that the land can offer. Thanks to its intense flavour and rarity, the truffle becomes the fulcrum of haute cuisine by inspiring the creativity of both starred and non-starred chefs. That is why every year, in autumn, we celebrate the International Alba White Truffle Fair, one of the key showcases of haute cuisine and Italian excellence.

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Discover precious ADVENTURES

Gentle climbs and enjoyable downhills, rows of vines and breath-taking views are just a part of what Langhe Monferrato Roero have to offer.
To explore this territory means to enjoy a 360° panoramic view and a variety of landscapes and characteristic and unique routes. Cycling, running or simply walking in Langhe Monferrato Roero is an exciting experience for all the possible options offered by the landscape: environments which are reminiscent of the nearby mountains, ancient villages perched on vine-covered hills, thick forests and spectacular fortresses, glances fading into distant horizons; sometimes you can also perceive the proximity of the sea. All this in a single territory.

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Discover precious CULTURES

Art and history
Langhe Monferrato Roero boast an immense artistic, cultural and architectural heritage. Castles, towers and Savoy residences become a magical and unexplored place where royal moments can be lived in full.
Pristine landscapes, patrician palaces, medieval streets and ancient churches become an indissoluble bond with the present. The past thus becomes a dimension capable of conveying the value and rarity of this territory.

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Discover precious EXPERIENCE

The present beauty is rooted in the history of the territory, made of traditions and folk tales handed down from generation to generation. In Langhe Monferrato Roero, the feelings of belonging to a place and be close to the land have become a source of historical identity as well as preservation of the local heritage. The rediscovery of old traditions, the narration of legendary episodes, reading ancient texts and passing on popular stories enable people to keep a strong bond with the past and make the present unique and precious.
Only by rediscovering the origins can one recognize the preciousness that is hidden in every corner of this territory.

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Discover precious LANDSCAPE

Geometric stretches of vine rows, perched castles and frescoed churches, a sequence of cellars and ancient villages: these are the precious settings of Langhe Monferrato Roero, which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Breath-taking hillside landscapes, the result of man's work together with nature: the local wine culture has in fact contributed to creating a solid and well-rooted identity, able to be recognized worldwide for its beauty and depth.
To visit these areas means to live in a place characterized by food and agricultural excellence as well as architectural and historical diversity set in a natural environment which is truly unique in the world.

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Discover a precious LAND

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